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Published Biographical References

  • American Art Annual. v.21 (1924/25) "Who's Who In Architecture.", p. 412
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    Office: 338 South 21st., Philadelphia, PA

  • University of Pennsylvania Architectural Alumni Society. The Book of the School. Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press, 1934., p. 159
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  • AIA/T-Square Yearbook, 1931
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    Membership: Philadelphia Chapter, AIA, Member

  • AIA/T-Square Yearbook, 1949
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    Membership: Philadelphia Chapter, AIA, Corporate Member

  • Holland, L.B. "An Etruscan Openwork Grill in the University Museum, Philadelphia." American Journal of Archaeology 21 (1917): 296-307.
  • Holland, L.B. "The Foundations of the Arch of Augustus." American Journal of Archaeology 57 (January 1953): 1-2.
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  • Holland, L. B. "The Katastegasma of the Walls of Athens." American Journal of Archaeology 54 (October 1950): 337-356.
  • Kenin, Milton, "Necrology from the Bulletin Almanac," (Historical Society of Pennsylvania)
  • Obituary: American Institute of Architects Journal 17 (June 1952): 265-267; American Journal of Archaeology 56 (July 1952): 181-182; New York Times (8 February 1952); Philadelphia Inquirer (8 February 1952); Philadelphia Evening Bulletin (7 February 1952); Journal of the Society of Architectural Historians 11 (May 1952): 24.
  • University of Pennsylvania. General Alumni Catalogue. Philadelphia: 1917, p. 200.

Biographical Drawings, Photos, Papers, etc.

  • Student files, University of Pennsylvania Archives, Philadelphia, PA


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